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SPRAY CLEAN bidet seat
is 100% designed and manufactured in Malaysia. It is a personal hygiene system comprises of a build in water spray nozzle equipped at the toilet seat. Seats and covers are adjustable to fit on most porcelain commode toilet bowls. Electricity is not required for operation. There is no heating or drying function making it safe and very user-friendly for tropical weather.

Installation and maintenance is easy as there is no alteration needed for the existing toilet bowls. To install, just remove the conventional seat cover, replace it with SPRAY CLEAN bidet seat and connect water supply from the incoming water inlet. A complete DIY instruction is provided for each SPRAY CLEAN bidet seat.

This product is a Registered Product Design in the United Kingdom and patented in the United Kingdom, Japan and Malaysia

The seats are available in both Standard and Elongated models with a choice of twelve attractive colors to suit your needs.

You will find SPRAY CLEAN bidet seat installed at fine hotels, commercial facilities, nursing homes as well as in a wide spectrum of house owners in the region.

Our company, Plastmet Trading is the sole distributor for SPRAY CLEAN bidet seat. We welcome trade professionals, wholesalers and end users to get in touch with us.  It is our interests to promote healthy personal hygiene with the most affordable pricing and durability to enable a pleasant and soothing toileting experience.



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